Description of Breaking the Ozone

Breaking the Ozone is a 24 x 24 x 1.5 acrylic abstract on stretch gallery wrap canvas with painted edges. Bright colors and heavy textures brings your eye to this piece.  Texture created by modeling paste, painted with multiple layers of bright blues, purple and magenta exposing the colors streaking across the sky as “something” breaks through the ozone.  Item # 21-0017


Rob McCullough
Hi Amber, thank you for your comment, yes it has sold but you can purchase a print however I must apologize because I didn't realize this piece was not setup on my print on demand store. Please give me a little time and by end of day I should have it available for print. You can return to the page on my website and there will be a link that says "Buy Printed Items Here." Prints are a great way to get a piece that is sold out, the only thing you will miss is the original texture. Thanks again.
Amber Austin
"Breaking the Ozone" is stunning! I am happy that someone is enjoying this work of art in their space but disappointed that I cannot purchase it. Thank you for leaving the posting up even though it is sold; I am better for having seen it!

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