Rob McCullough

Although I have only been painting for a short time, I have spent 40+ years perfecting another form of art known as hair styling, including sketching head forms, faces and hair styles for training classes. I have drawn, sketched and doodled all my life. My art came to life during a time when I was cleaning out my Mother’s home. She was a crafter and had many hobbies including painting, drawing and basket weaving. In her basement I discovered three very large boxes that were full of canvas panels, brushes, paints and colored pencils. I put it all aside that day wondering if I should just throw it all away, but I have such a love for art and color that I decided to take a closer look another day. During my years as a hairstylist I had the privilege of teaching advanced classes where I excelled in color theory. As time passed I had to cut back on my hair styling because doctors informed me that I had a repetitive motion injury and the only way to cure it was to stop what was believed to be causing my neck and arm pain along with hand tremors. My hands shook so bad I could not even read my own handwriting. Years later after reinventing myself it was discovered that I did not have a repetitive motion injury but instead I had an auto immune deficiency called Graves’ Disease which was affecting my thyroid and two days after starting medication my hands stopped shaking.  That closer look in those boxes came one day and  I thought it was time to put those art supplies to work since my my hands were not shaking. That was in the middle of April  2018 and I have not stopped painting since. I turned my dining room into an art studio and my living room and the rest of the house into a gallery. My art is hanging anywhere I can find a nail even my beauty salon. Yes, I return to styling hair as well. I get lost painting until my kitty comes meowing for food and I realize I have been in my studio for hours. I am self-taught and when I get stuck on an idea, I seek out the pros who are giving of themselves to share their tips and tricks via the internet. I love blending bright colors and I’m learning to use neutrals and if you look close you just might see a color that really should not be there. I am the proud owner of Rob McCullough Arts this website and my print on demand store .

I believe there is creativity in all of us, you just need to open your mind and it let it flow out through any avenue of creativity. It is there, you just need to reach out and grab it and never look back. A mentor once told me, “if there is a will there is always a way.” Thanks for viewing my website and look forward to speaking with you in person.   Rob